In my first year at ENSIT (2011) I thought it was a good idea to launch an English Club, the kinda laid back chill place you come to hang out with friends, talk in English, play games, watch short movies and discuss, all in English. The goal was perfection through practice. My friends who believed in the idea and I did our best to organize some events and to raise interest, but people were more interested in tutorship style activities, which we couldn’t offer, because it was too lame. Yeah I said it. Our concept was unanimously regarded as ridiculous too cool for lame Tunisian earthlings.

But the thing that strikes me most when I look back to that period, is the posters: we came up with the idea of composing them from different memes and making them as basic and non-aesthetic as possible, which didn’t work at all, but we had a good laugh about it.

To you fellow club members, slick Ali, Refka (who left and came back, but it’s okay, she still counts), Eya and Samar (who is not really Samar but who is really Samar), and to the short fun we had, and the mockery we took from people and teachers, I dedicate these awesome posters.