While doing some research which would hopefully guide me through my current dilemma: “ASP MVC or Node.js?”, I found an interesting statistic here.

The results are represented in the below chart:

I can already see questions about the methodology arise: to sum it up (as explained here), W3Techs checks the server-side technologies of the top 10 million websites of the Alexa ranking while open to counting multiple technologies for one website, but not counting individual pages. The figures are valid for January 20th 2016.

What surprized me most is that for all the traction server-side JavaScript web development frameworks are getting, the web landscape remains dominated by the classics, PHP (81.7%) and ASP .Net (16%). JavaScript is in fact far behind (0.2%). This might also hide api statistics which might be very different.

To me, this certainly represents a huge pro for ASP .Net vs JavaScript as a server-side language. Will that be enough for me to make a decision? I don’t think so. I will probably publish another post detailing the decision when it is made, since several other factors are in play.